'On The Mark' Productions

Vinnie and his wife, Jodi Weiner, have combined experience of over 40 years producing high quality, well reviewed shows. Coordinating fundraisers and benefits for all kinds of various worthy causes:


* Illnesses

* Family in distress

* Widowed wives

* Elks lodges

* Fire departments

* Police departments




'On the Mark' Productions have also delivered talent and performed themselves at celebrations of all kinds:


* Weddings

* Corporate functions

* Special private birthday parties

* BBQ events

* Christmas/holiday parties


Vinnie's production company can deliver as many comedians as needed.  Vinnie and Jodi's network is immense due to their vast experience as reputable pros with high standards and ethical business practices.  They're self-contained with sound systems and stage lighting.


Vinnie and Jodi can go further to consult with you on how to run a fundraiser that "pops", how to properly set up a room to full capacity, and how to raise the most money for your cause.


Letters of recommendation available upon request.